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The Boneyard Kill List
If There Is Something You Are Looking For From Any Of These Machines LMK And I Will Take It Out For You

Police Trainer Deluxe R.I.P.
Grayhound / Jumbo Skill Crane 42" R.I.P
4 X Acme Skill Cranes 42"
Grayhound 24" Crane  R.I.P
Big Choice 24" Crane 
Beach Head 2000 R.I.P.
Sweepstakes Video Reader (Sit Down Cabinet)
Mortal Kombat 1 (Converted Cabinet) R.I.P.
Trophy Hunting (Bear & Moose) R.I.P
Neo Print (Photo Sticker Machine) R.I.P.
Pop A Ball R.I.P
Poker / 8 Liner Cabinet (Sit Down) R,I.P.
Dirt Dash (Sit Down) R.I.P
Mazan - Flash Of The Blade R.I.P.
MoCap Boxing R.I.P.
Firefox cabinet
R. I. P.
Super High Impact Football R. I. P.
Gauntlet cabinet R. I. P.
Shinobi R. I. P.
Sega Turbo R. I. P.
Ms Pacman R. I. P.
Rushin' Attack R.I.P.
Zaxxon R. I. P.
Time Pilot R. I. P.
Time Pilot 84 R. I. P.
Gorf R. I. P.
A Bally Cabinet R. I. P.
Sega Turbo Upright R. I. P.
Special Criminal Investigation R. I. P.
Donkey Kong R. I. P.
After Burner R. I. P.
Flash Gordon Pinball R. I. P.
Jurasic Park 3 R.I.P.
Elevator Action R. I. P.
Frogger Cabinet R. I. P.
Dig Dug R. I. P.
Targ Cocktail R. I. P.
Round Up Cocktail R. I. P.
Nintendo Space Fever Cocktail R. I. P.
Ms Pacman R. I. P.
Neo Geo 2 slot R. I. P.
Pit Boss Counter Top R. I. P.
Moon Cresta R. I. P.
4 X Solitare Challenge R. I. P.
Tetris ( 19" Dynamo Cabinet ) R. I. P.
Primal Rage R. I. P.
Bally Sente Cocktail R. I. P.
Blasteroids R. I. P.
Nintendo Red Tent Cocktail R. I. P.
Seeburg SCD 1 cd Jukebox R. I. P.
Ms Pacman Cocktail R. I. P.
Centipede Cocktail R. I. P.
Pole Position 2 R. I. P.
19" Dynamo Cab (Sly Spy&Wizard Fire)R. I. P.
Double Dragon 2 ( Data east Cabinet) R. I. P.
Capcom Bowling (Super Pacman Cabinet) R. I. P.
Nintendo Cab (Donkey Kong Type) R. I. P.
Lethal Enforcers R. I. P.
Battantis R. I. P.
Buster Bros R. I. P.
Gyruss R. I. P
PengoR I P.
Gauntlet Legends R.I.P
Double Dragon R.I.P
Empire City R.I.P.
Defender R.I.P
Valley / Cougar Darts R.I.P..
Track And Field R.I.P.
Pengo Cabinet   ( Conversion )R.I.P.
Galaxian R.I.P.
Black Pyramid Pinball R.I.P
Firepower Pinball
Nintendo Cabinet  R.I.P.
Slick Shot  R.I.P.
Dynamo HS5 25 Inch Cabinet   
Robo Cop  ( Data East Round Front Cabinet )
Mortal Kombat 1 Cabinet R.I.P
WWF Wrestling  ( Williams Cabinet )R.I.P.
Lethal Enforcer R.I.P.
Dynamo Z Back Cab R.I.P.
Tron Cabinet
Neo Geo R.I.P.
25" Dynamo Cabinet HS5 R.I.P.
Konami GT R.I.P.
Punch Out R.I.P.
Daytona USA Sit Down Cabinet R.I.P.
Radikal Bikers (Mortal Kombat 2 Cabinet) R.I.P.
Mario Bros R.I.P.
Area 51 Site 4
Arch Rivals
Quasicade 2

Dynamo HS5 Cabinet
Anything Listed Below In Grey Has Already Been Broken Down, But Parts Are Still Available.
Anything In White Is Has Not Been Fully Stripped, But Will Be Parted.
None Of These Games Are For Sale As Whole Machines. The Only Games Im Selling As Whole Machines Can Be Found Under The "Machines For Sale" Link
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The Boneyard Kill List

Jukebox Kill List
NSM Prestige ES 160 (45 juke) R.I.P
Rowe/Ami 45 Juke model TI-1
Rowe R 82 (45 Juke ) R.I.P.
Rowe R-83
Rowe R 84
Rowe R-84
Rowe R 85  ( 45 Juke ) R.I.P.
Rowe R 88
Rowe R 88
Rowe R 92 ( 45 Juke )
Rock Ola 440
Rock Ola 446 Lowboy ( 45 Juke )
Rock Ola 480
Rock Ola 484
Rock Ola 456
Rock-Ola 488 R.I.P
Rock-Ola 490-2
Rock-Ola 496-2
Wurlitzer Model 3100 ( 45 Juke )
Wurlitzer 3510
Wurlitzer 7500
Seeburg LS1

Jukebox Kill List

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Grayhound Touchdown
Ms Pac Man (Full Size Upright) R.I.P
Golden Axe
Pac-Man R.I.P
Williams / Make Trax R.I.P
Percussion Master R.I.P
Lethal Enforcers
Terraburst  R.I.P
2 X Arachnid Dart Machine R.I.P
Roads Edge (Hyper Neo Geo 64)
Arachnid (English Mark Darsts) (Yellow Cabinet)
Pac-Man (Full Size Upright)R.I.P
Megatouch Countertop R.I.P
Cruisin USA (Sitdown)
Pop A Slot
Poker / 8 Liner Cabinet (Upright) (Brown Type)
Poker / 8 Liner (Upright) (Black Type) R.I.P
Big Electronic Games (Home Arcade)(Midway Version) R.I.P
Big Choice 24 Inch Crane Machine  R.I.P
Wing Shooting Championship R.I.P
Konami 4 Player Cabinet R.I.P
Beastorizer R.I.P
Ms Pac-Man R.I.P
Tekken 2 R.I.P
Sega Subroc 3D

Buck Rogers Planet of zoom R.I.P
Zaxxon R.I.P.
Zaxxon R.I.P
Ivan Stewart Off Road R.I.P
Dynamo Z Back Cabinet R.I.P.
Area 51 R.I.P
Lot O Gold

Cruisin World Sit Down R.I.P
Exidy Targ R.I.P
Space Encounters R.I.P
Rampage Cab R.I.P.
San Francisco Rush The Rock (sitdown) R.I.P.
Space Invaders Cocktail (taito) R.I.P
Road Hawg (Redemption Machine)R.I.P.
Pole Position (U.R.) R.I.P
Out Run R.I.P.
Wing Wars (Sitdown)
Speed Buggy
Super Pac Man R.I.P.
Merit Countertop  (Touch Screen)

Pub Time Darts  R.I.P
Blasteroids R.I.P
Off Road Challenge (Sitdown Cabinet)  R.I.P
8 Liner Cocktail
Chuck E Cheese's Memory Match R.I.P.
Nova 2001 (Green Taito Cab) R.I.P
Casino Games Video Poker (Greyhound)
Stun Runner S/D  R.I.P
Taito Grand Champion R.I.P.
Primal Rage
Danger Zone
Air Trix Dlx R.I.P.
Space Invaders Deluxe (UR)  R.I.P
Robotron (UR) R.I.P.
RoboCop  (Data East Round Front Cabinet) R.I.P
Terminator 2 R.I.P.
Poker & Slot Combo Countertop
Konami (12 Game)(Home Version) R.I.P.
Pac-Man (upright) R.I.P.
Atari Cabinet (19 Inch Monitor Type Similar To The Punisher) R.I.P.
Buster Bros R.I.P
Sega Subroc 3D
Kick Man Cabinet R.I.P
Smart Industries Candy Crane R.I.P.
Battlezone (UR) R.I.P
Asteroids (UR) R.I.P
Hoop It Up (Redemption Machine) R.I.P.
Mace the Dark Age (Virtua Fighter Cab) R.I.P.
Scramble / Stern (Converted Cabinet) R.I.P
Pit Boss Countertop
JVL (Concord 1) Countertop R.I.P
Merit Countertop R.I.P
Rampart (Atari Cabinet) R.I.P
Lucky & Wild (Sit Down Cab) R.I.P.
Operation Wolf R.I.P.
Street Fighter Three (Dynamo HS5 Cabinet) R.I.P
Konami Dark Adventure (Converted Cabinet) R.I.P
Nintendo Super System  R.I.P
Neo Geo R.I.P
Virtua Fighter 3